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Reiki Energy

Reiki Energy is an East-Anglian based organisation providing quality training in Reiki and producing competent Reiki practitioners.

A Gentle Touch

This site provides training, at a low level, in mediumship so that those who are interested have enough information to approach a Development Circle with some knowledge of what is right for them.  This site is well worth a visit for anyone interested in learning mediumship, or even just increasing their awareness.


Josiane's site. Josiane runs Reiki Courses, that give a very thorough grounding in healing, near Montpellier in the south of France.

Mersea Healing — Therapy, Training and Workshops

Regina Mason's website offers access to Shiatsu, Indian Head Massage, Chinese Facial Massage, Ear Candling and Healing treatments; as well as training in Indian Head Massage, Ear Candling and Acupressure.  Regina has set up training workshops for Suffolk Healers and provides professional and thorough training at very competitive prices.

Healing Umbrella Associations

The Friendly Group of Spiritual Healing Associations

The Friendly Group is a group of more than a dozen UK-based Spiritual Healers' Associations that meet twice yearly to discuss spiritual healing developments.  All associations in the group share similar ideals, training practices, and the same insurance policy.  Suffolk Healers Association is a member of the Friendly Group.

Other Healing Associations

Bristol District Association of Healers

Interesting site that contains a 'Healing' video.

Devon and Cornwall Healers Association

The DCHA is committed to providing Healing to those in need irrespective of colour, race or creed; to implementing the full training of Healers; to implementing a strict and safe code of conduct, ethics and practice; and to ensure that all approved Healers are competent and insured.

Healers 2006

National Healing Organisation.

Home Counties Association of Spiritual Healers (HCASH)

The objects of The Association are to serve the public by the promotion of the study and practice of the art and science of Spiritual Healing, which may be administered through prayer and where necessary the laying on of hands for the healing of spirit, mind and bodies, and including such allied therapies as have a spiritual basis.

The International Healing Fellowship

Healing Association operating in the UK and Europe.

Sussex Healers' Association

'Sussex Healers Association' provides spiritual healing and counselling to the public at various venues in Sussex; the Association also hosts lectures, groups, workshops and training courses.

The Whomerley Spiritual Church and Centre

Independent Church and Healing Centre.

Science and Healing:

Toni Bunnell's Homepage

This site, by a zoologist who is also a spiritual and reiki healer, contains some interesting articles on healing and, in one article, she puts forward a possible theory of healing.


BALENS (Insurance Brokers)

Healthcare Insurance Providers

The Charity Commission

Information, guidance and legal requirements for charities.


The Findhorn Foundation

Home site for the famous Findhorn Foundation.  Well worth a visit.

Healthy Pages

General Complementary Therapies site contains health features, directory of events from all over the UK plus a directory of therapists, from all over the UK, for the majority of complementarty therapies — therapists can advertise on this site free of charge.  Probably the best site for finding out what is going on in the complimentary therapies world.

A Modern Herbal

An Online Herbal with descriptions of more than 800 herbs and plants.  A handy resource.

Kindred Spirit

This online version of the magazine contains a list of back-issues and articles from issues dating back to the winter of 1996 are available online.  Also contains a directory of courses and events.