Suffolk Healers Association has four membership grades: Associate, Probationer, Registered Spiritual Healer and Registered Reiki Healer.  Members, at all levels, have access to the 'Members Area' of this site, get members' rates on courses and workshops run by Suffolk Healers, and all levels receive the same literature.  Members, at all levels, are also welcome to participate in our distant healing network (Circles of Light).

Associate Membership

This is the basic Membership level and is open to:
those who are interested in healing and wish to further its cause without becoming practising healers;
those who have achieved 'Reiki 1' and to those who have completed a Foundation Course but have not become Probationers;
registered healers (both Reiki and Spiritual) who have allowed their insurance to lapse

Associate members who have completed a Foundation course, achieved 'Reiki 1' or are registered healers with lapsed insurance may give 'contact healing' to family and friends as long as they don't charge for the service and the recipient is made fully aware that:
the 'healer' is NOT fully trained and is thus NOT insured;
or the 'healer' is trained but is NOT insured (allowed to lapse).

Associate Members are also known as 'Friends of Suffolk Healers'.

Probationer Healer Membership

Probationer membership is open to those individuals who would like to develop their healing gift so as to become practicing spiritual healers.  If accepted, the probationer will undertake a comprehensive Foundation Course followed by on-the-job training (this consists of practicing healing techniques on other group members, supervised healing of the public, case studies and discussion).  On completion of training, the probationer graduates to being a registered spiritual healer with the Association.  The Foundation Course lasts 36 hours spread over a period; over and above this, the Probationer must complete at least 50 hours of healer training which is spread over a minimum of a year.  During this latter period, the Probationer does case studies, keeps a log-book, gets involved in discussion about experiences with other healers, and is also expected to complete a 1-day First-Aid course (unless the Probationer already has a First-aid qualification).  After satisfactorily fulfilling the requirements of the Training program, the probationer becomes a registered healer within the organisation.  Probationers, who have completed the Foundation Course, can give healing to family and friends under same conditions as Associate members (i.e. no charge and recipient is made fully aware that the healer is not fully trained).

Note: It is possible to train as a Reiki healer within the two years thus becoming a registered Reiki Healer before becoming a registered Spiritual Healer.

Registered Healer Membership

Registered Spiritual Healer Membership is open to those who can provide satisfactory evidence of their suitability, experience and effectiveness as healers. The basic requirements are:
To have completed a Probationer Training Course, satisfactorily, with Suffolk Healers and produced 3 case studies;
To provide copies of Training Manual from Association with whom training was carried out, plus 3 case studies (interview may also be required).

In extraordinary circumstances, the Committee may consider applicants who fit neither of the above criteria but are obviously effective healers.

Reiki Practitioner Membership

To be accepted as a Registered Reiki Healer, the prospective candidate is required to have achieved a minimum of 'Reiki 2' (certificates required) and to produce 3 case studies.  If the training has been done outside of Suffolk Healers, the prospective candidate is also required to produce his/her Training Manuals and may, at the discretion of the Committee, be required to do some further training before being accepted.  Please note that, in terms of membership, no distinction is drawn between a Reiki Master and Practitioner.

Apart from the obvious benefits such as support, meeting others of like mind, shared knowledge, etc. that come as part of being a member of a healing organisation, Suffolk Healers provides a number of other benefits for its members:

Discounted Workshops/Courses

As part of our philosophy of Continuing Professional Development we run workshops and courses specifically for our members.  These workshops/courses, which are heavily discounted and can only be accessed through the 'Members' area of our website or via our Members newsletter.  Recent courses have included Indian Head Massage, HOPI Ear Candling, Self Hypnosis and Shamanism.


This website consists of a public area and a password-protected members area.  As can be seen, the public area contains information on healing, access to therapists and distant healing, details of public workshops and groups, plus ways of contacting us.  The Members area gives details of any upcoming member-only courses, links to research, foundation course and reiki material.


We publish a twice-yearly newsletter for our members that contains information on upcoming Suffolk Healers events, topical issues, summaries of research in alternative therapies, information on Healing Groups and numerous other topics that cannot be fitted into a group.


Suffolk Healers runs a very comprehensive training scheme that consists of a Foundation Course followed by on-the-job training with experienced healers.  The Foundation Course covers the basics of healing, listening skills, anatomy and physiology, subtle energies, visualisation skills, and the healing session.  Those students who complete our Foundation Course will have the opportunity to become probationer-members of Suffolk Healers.  Probationer-members join one of our Healing Groups and give healing to members of the public under the supervision of experienced registered healers.  On completion of the Training Course, the probationer graduates to being a registered healer with the Association.

The length of the Training Programme depends, to an extent, on the individual but the minimum is one year; also the trainee must complete a minimum of 50 hours training.  During the course of the training, the Probationer will also have opportunities to train as a Reiki practitioner; the probationer can become a Spiritual healer and a Reiki practitioner at the same time if desired.  Training is not limited to Suffolk, we also run Training Courses in Essex and Norfolk.


Registered and Probationer members of Suffolk Healers Association have access to our Professional Indemnity insurance package.  Membership of Suffolk Healers also gives access to a heavily discounted multi-therapy insurance scheme.

Suffolk Healers membership, at all levels, costs just 10 per annum.  We believe ourselves to be one of the most cost-effective healing associations in the country, if not the most cost-effective.

Application For Membership

If you are interested in joining Suffolk Healers Association then please complete and submit the Form below, indicating the Member Grade in which you are interested.  We will then contact you.