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Suffolk Healers is hosting two talks on the 27th October at the Riversdale Centre, Tanner Street, Thetford.

The first talk, by Myriam Berger, is on the dangers of WiFi and other radiation in your home; the second talk is on Iridology (its application and benefits) and what you can learn about someone by looking at their eyes. Click the link for further information.


Reiki-2 Course (Sat 26 January and Sat 2 March 2019, Colchester, 10am – 5pm, lift possible from Thetford or Bury St Edmunds)

A two-day Reiki Level-2 Course that includes Attunements, Japanese Reiju Empowerments, Symbols (Reiki and Karmic), Kotodama (Sacred Sounds), discussion and practice.